A deadly virus, Solanum, escapes from the local medical laboratory. The small village, Picola, is put into lockdown as the virus spreads. The Idolum run rampant as the town struggles for survival.
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Malachi Santiago
Malachi Santiago

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PostSubject: OFFICIAL FACEY CLAIMS   Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:33 pm

Here you post who you would like your potrayer to be. See below for instructions




Daniella Monet - Chanelle Austin
Emily Deschanel - Ramona Cayne




Katie McGrath - Alaska McCaffery

Joshua Moore - Connor Gables
Kirsten Dunst - Evangeline Sidorova
Luke Pasqualino - Malachi Gideon



Ophelia Lovibond - Adele Havemeyer




Sam Worthington - Hectar Garner








Here is what to do:
First Time
Luke Pasqualino - Malachi Gideon

Changing Portrayers:
Malachi Gideon used to have Luke Pasqualino, but would like to change to Michael Cera.

(obviously switch my info with yours.)

Remember, you cannot have a protrayer without your character sheet finished.

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Charles George


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PostSubject: Re: OFFICIAL FACEY CLAIMS   Tue May 10, 2011 5:12 pm

So is it required for my portayer to be an actual actor? Because I'm really diggin' this kid's face.

Zombie Child orsomethingIguess - Charles George

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