A deadly virus, Solanum, escapes from the local medical laboratory. The small village, Picola, is put into lockdown as the virus spreads. The Idolum run rampant as the town struggles for survival.
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 EragonOnline -Eragon RPG-

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PostSubject: EragonOnline -Eragon RPG-   Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:25 am


Based on the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

EragonOnline is a text-based RPG site. Similar to RP forums, you can roleplay with other users, create character sheets, and make friends. But that's not all the game is about. Using the Legend of the Green Dragon format, this game is not only RP'ing. It's also where you can level up, slay other players, use gold and gems to buy things, and gain a new title every boss kill.

A little info:
When you reach level 15, you are able to kill the "Dragon", in this case, King Galbatorix(Called a GK(Galbatorix Kill)). When you defeat him, you go back to level one, lose your weapons, and do it over again. But this time, you're more powerful before. You get better equipment everytime. With every ascending GK, you unlock new things to do in each town.

At the moment, with the site still being in beta, there is no storyline, it's simply a place to roleplay in an Eragon themed environment.

The admins are amazing. Strider, head admin, is working hard to make it the Eragon Champion, as far as Eragon RPG sites go.

Something interesting:
I did the banner and login image for the site. Wink

Sign up now!
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EragonOnline -Eragon RPG-
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