A deadly virus, Solanum, escapes from the local medical laboratory. The small village, Picola, is put into lockdown as the virus spreads. The Idolum run rampant as the town struggles for survival.
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Malachi Santiago
Malachi Santiago

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PostSubject: RULES ~MUST READ~   RULES ~MUST READ~ Icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 11:21 pm

These are the rules that I expect all members to follow.

1)No cursing unless it is in PG-13 topics. Cursing will not be tolerated elsewhere or in OOC.

2) All roleplay posts must be at least 100 words. I encourage that you do more then the bare minimum.
a) All OOC posts must be at least 5 words.

3) No bullying of any kind! This include, but is not limited to: racism, harrasment, sexism, ect.

4) No spamming. Spam is considered:
a) Making a post merely saying 'Okay', or ''
b) Making multiple posts in a row.
c) Posting less than 5 words in OOC.
d) Posting less than 100 words in a roleplay.
e) Posting something off topic
f) Posting an OOC post in a roleplay

5) If you have something that you have to say to someone in OOC while roleplaying please at the beginning or end of your post put ((double parentheses)) around your OOC post or PM them.

6) Please do not make multiple topics if there already has been one created or if the one you created has been locked.

7) If you want to make a roleplay rated PG-13 you must include it in your title.

8 ) You may only have ONE character and ONE account. This keeps things from getting confusing when you are posting because some people can get confused. Having another account could make things unfair to other members. If you wish to have a new character, please pm one of the Admins why and how you plan to get rid of your existing character, i.e. get turned into an idulum and die. Be creative.

9) This is a site based off of World War Z and How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, so we are going to try and be as close to the books as possible.
a) This site is in 'alternate world'.

10) I advise that you do not give out any personal info, e-mail, phone number, ect. Of course you're welcome to do as you please.

11) You must make a character before you roleplay.

14) There will be no killing of others characters unless you have approved it with both that character and myself!

16) No God-modding.

17) No Mary/Gary Sues/Stues!

18) No Puppet mastery!

19) Arguing with the staff is not allowed.
a)Discussing with a staff member is different and is allowed.
b)Arguing is when insults, name calling, rude remarks, and all caps for yelling are used.

20) Do not include a pet with your history.
21) Once you have created a roleplay thread, STICK WITH IT! Just because it goes to somewhere else in camp does NOT mean you should start a new topic! Just have your character go there in the same topic!

22) I, as head admin, reserve the right to ban/delete anyone as I see fit.

23) Only Researchers can post in Laboratory (unless admin approval) and onlyResistance fighters can post in the Resistance Camp (unless a spy or attacking camp NEED ADMIN APPROVAL)

24) Do NOT post any sort of poll unless it is absolutely necessary

25) Do NOT get on anyone else's account but your own!

27) Enable for your character to have a second weapon (that is different from their first) please PM me to approve it first.


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